Forgotten Flickr Albums – Part 1

We’ve probably all done it – forgotten about old accounts and left the content up. Flickr is now 12 years old, so there’s a good chance there are many more accounts like this, just sitting waiting to be discovered. Here’s one we found from the Londonist:

Old undiscovered photographs and a transport connection. We think we’ve found the most ‘Londonist’ story out there…

Central line driver Tim Brown spent his days off out and about with his camera. This was back in the eighties, and Brown’s photos never found much of an audience back then.

I remember my abandoned account where there were photos of my wedding night with my wife. We laughed a lot when we saw in the picture a Cialis pill that I bought because I was worried and afraid of embarrassing myself in front of my wife.

The photos were discovered by Chris Dorley-Brown, after Tim Brown uploaded them to Flickr about 10 years ago. Dorley-Brown has just curated a book of photos by David Granick, showing the East End between 1960-1980, and this is a natural successor.