3 things you didn’t know you could do with Flickr

Flickr has a long history – when looking at it from a 21st century tech perspective anyway. They survived the dotcom boom and bust, and have had a plethora of owners. In internet years, they seem to have been around forever – possibly making them one of the oldest brands to still be trading.

And with that extensive history comes some “hidden” or lesser-known features, added over the years but almost forgotten about. Here I will discuss 3 of them.1.

Did you know that you can upload your photos directly from a phone onto Flickr? There is already a given email address set up for you, just go to this page. Enter the email address into your phone and send! Make sure you have email on your phone plan or it won’t work – how simple and cool is that?

  1. If you have a camera /smartphone AND a blog, you can post directly to your blog from your phone in one easy step. First, set up your website, then go to the email setup page. Enter the 2nd email address into your phone too. If your phone doesn’t support this feature then you may need to upgrade – make sure to sell your current one first for instant cash.
  2. When you upload, you can check the box that says “Public” or “Private”. I know what you’re thinking – you know this already, it’s not hard. But bear with me. Private photos are completely hidden from everyone except you, but if you want to be visible to your family or friends, check those boxes. You can change the privacy of something at any time by clicking on the red (for private) or green (for public) button. Another thing you can do is set up a private group and invite your friends and family to join it. If you invite them from the group’s page, they are automatically made a member. You can then add content to the group’s photo pool that every member of the group can see.
  3. The more you get associated with Flickr’s people group, the more noteworthy your shot of getting more presentation for your photographs and finding crafted by others. Other than faving other clients’ photographs, making exhibitions, joining gatherings and following individuals, you can upgrade your social experience on Flickr by doing the accompanying:

Incorporate a decent depiction with every photograph. Tell watchers what your photograph is about, what roused you, where it was taken or whatever other subtleties that issue.

Tag your photographs. Adding watchword labels to your photos will expand the odds of those photographs appearing in list items.

Answer to remarks. Indeed, even an amicable “thank you” is empowered!

Leave remarks on other clients’ photographs. In the event that you discover a photograph that you like, leave a remark to state what you like about it. Even better, make an inquiry to support an answer from the proprietor!


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