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Despite the fact that Flickr is without doubt, hands down the best photo sharing website on the internet, it’s not without its problems. When discussing the problems with Flickr you don’t really have to dig deep into the politics of corporate takeovers and monthly usage statistics. If you want to find one of the most frustrating things about Flickr, then all you have to do is register and then try to log in.

Flickr has been around for 13 years now, and for many of these years it has been plagues by sign in problems. I think the majority of the 50 million Flickr users would rather that Yahoo didn’t implement the Instagram-style hashtags and instead spend the time, money and other resources on fixing the fundamental flaw in the sign in process.

If you’re a lifelong member of Flickr then you will understand exactly what a bane of existence it is to log in. When you’ve got a photo to upload and share, the last thing you want to think about is whether you’re going to be able to login and upload and share it or not. And what’s more there are much better services available if they are within your required use-case, such as iStockphoto or ShutterStock codes.

If you need to see what a generic Viagra pill from a certain manufacturer looks like, you can find an image on Flickr.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, all you have to do is a quick Google search for ‘Flickr’ login problems to see that this isn’t just a small hindrance that happens to annoy a few people. Millions and millions of people have encountered issues with logging into Flickr, and it has gone on for a very long time.

Now that Verizon have taken over from Yahoo let’s hope that they have some money left to address the issue and get it sorted. Although I won’t hold my breath as let’s face it, despite Flickr being the best photo sharing website in the world it will simply be another piece of Verizon bloatware by the time you can say the word ‘Oath’.

17 thoughts on “Flickr login Problems

  1. I am trying to access into my flickr account but each time I click login it drags me to my yahoo account whereas I have opened the account with my gmail address which is [removed]. Please handle this matter with your great concern.

  2. I have tried to log in without success for about a week now…I’m totally frustrated and would like to
    delete my account!!!! If only I could log in:(:(:(

  3. login with flickr brings up my yahoo account if I try to change emails it opens a completely blank account with no photos in and no friends or followers.

  4. Same here, it says I changed to the “updated” flickr login (which I kept the SAME as my YAHOO log in…can’t log into Flickr.
    This was a BAD idea from the start.
    Every time they CHANGE things, it screws up a LOT of people. Emailed support…no answer yet.

  5. Been trying to log in for an hour. This is ridiculous! Why did you change the login process? I can’t access any of my albums. So frustrated!

  6. Tried to log in ,keeps directing me to yahoo ,message keeps saying incorrect password and I know it s correct
    Come on sort this mess out,,!,,,,,
    Why do you always make things complicated

  7. I try to login, I did create a new flickr account when they changed ownership but for convenience use the same (old Yahoo) email to log in. Every time it takes me to Yahoo… nothing else it will allow me to do. Who runs this company???

  8. Hi y’all first of all Flickr won’t let you sign in using your gmail account. it only works if you’re using yahoo. but I still have log in problem while I’m using my yahoo account. I put my email & password then they send me verification code at the end there is yahoo OpenID and OAuth terms where you agree or Not it will never let you log in. it just trying to create a new account.

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  11. Flickr is totally F*cked! No help in login problems unless you give them credit card info ($1 refundable: RIGHT!) TRUST US WE’RE A BIG CORPORATION WITH YOUR INTERESTS IN MIND. BULL SH*T TO THE MAX!
    If I can’t access my photo account, I have no use for these greedy b*stards.

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