1. Is it really free?
    Yes! There are no catches, and no adverts. You can embed the FlickrEmbed widget at no cost at all. All we ask is that you keep the link back to us, to help the site continue to operate.
  2. Is there any limit to how many photographs I can show in the slideshow?
    Yes, there is a maximum of 100 photographs permitted. This is to prevent abuse of the Flickr API – please contact us if you want this limit increased as it may be possible.
  3. Can I customize the CSS in the FlickrEmbed widget?
    Yes, absolutely. You can style it with custom CSS rules – see here for more information.
  4. Does the FlickrEmbed widget work with ____?
    The widget works with any website that supports Javascript. If you are having problems embedding the standard widget please use the ‘legacy code’ as this is meant for troublesome applications. In general the standard widget will work with 95% of web hosts, software and websites, including: WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, Joomla, etc.
  5. How do I embed multiple/more than one slideshows on a page?
    Please use the “legacy” code option, on the homepage. It’s the second one down.
  6. I have another question or suggestion, how do I contact you?
    Please use this form and a member of the dev team will reply as soon as possible. We are always looking for suggestions to improve the widget!

If you want to embed a Google Map into your website then check out this website.