3 Creepy Photos found on Flickr that can’t be Real

Flickr is a great website for uploading your photos to share with the world, or even just your friends and family. For over 12 years more than 50 million people from around the world have been uploading their photos to the Flickr website. With that many people there are bound to be a few strange or creepy photos. Here are 3 of the creepiest ever found.

In 2006 two women were enjoying a walk on a warm night in Detroit, USA. The girls asked a stranger to take a photo using one of their mobile phones, only to find afterwards that a third party had come along to pose with them.

It is not known why ghosts and spirits walk among us and only sometimes make themselves known. Sometimes ghosts are here to seek revenge, other times they come to protect people. It seems that they also visiting order to photobomb our pictures.

On first glance, this photo seems quite normal. Just a girl in bed with her duvet covering her. That’s until you look in the mirror and realise that her reflection seems to have a life of its own.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a back story to this one, so the chances are it is fake. Although it’s often the photos that have no explanation that force you to come up with your own, which can sometimes be very creepy if you’re not lacking in imagination…

This photo was taken in the back if a taxi in Hong Kong, in 2010. The photographer originally planned on taking a selfie, but after carefully reviewing her holiday snaps she noticed that she wasn’t alone in the picture, despite being none the wiser that someone else was hanging on to the back of the car. Creepy.

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